If you are an entrepreneur and you have been searching for something special to jump-start your business, social or health interests, then you have landed at the right spot at the absolute right time!

If you are new to the business world and are looking for some financial assistance, a college student needing help with school costs, or a women entrepreneur wanting to start your own business then look no farther, because we've got some exciting news here!

You may think that finding money to finance your new business is some pipe dream or fairy tale. Well, if you believe that you are in for a big surprise!

In 1993, I started a new company that was first intended to be focused on the telecom industry. Soon after incorporating, I discovered a publication entitled Information USA by Matthew Lesko and then, after reading this giant, information packed book, decided to go into hi-tech medical and environmental technology development and sales.

The information that I discovered in Lesko's publication lead to a $498,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (my total commitment, less than $80k). Soon after this first funding, my company received another $25,000 grant which did not require one cent repayment.

Other information contained in that first publication gave me the knowledge to seek government licenses for already developed technologies. From this information, my companies were able to license, then further develop, 16 additional products, 2 of which won R&D 100 awards for being the top inventions in the world in 1995 and 1996. From these licenses, my companies were able to secure government funding called CRADA's and we won 7 funding programs from U.S. National Laboratories that ranged from over $100K to a high of $1.5 million.

If you are thinking that this was just luck...think again. To prove that anyone could accomplish the same thing that I was able to do, I picked two different groups to mentor. Using my office, telephone, fax and a few meeting nights both groups were able to obtain a new technology license, development funding and...guess what, both technologies were R&D 100 award winners from our U.S. laboratories!

When the dust cleared, 12 new companies had been started (two later went public) and dozens of products were developed thanks to the information found in Matthew Lesko's first publications. So the next time you see what you think is some crazy guy in a funny suit on TV, stop and pay more attention! Lesko's new publications have more new and exciting ways to let the U.S. government finance your dream. Welcome to!




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